Designing wisdom into systems.

My long-overdue moonshot project which has been brewing for the past 2/3 years is set for launch early 2015.

Still crafting the copy although here’s the current draft:

WYSDEM—big wisdom thinking for businesses, organisations & other systems.

Whether it be education, business, startups, governments, food production, economics, organisations, cities, online etc the delicious and driving question is, can wisdom be designed in?*

This project will explore and research the subject of humanising wisdom into our lives, our work, our designs, our businesses, our organisations, our leadership, our world. Featuring curated content, insightful provocations and crafted audio narratives, it will be a conversation. An approach of learning out loud. Being vulnerable. Taking a risk.

An idea, manifesting in a voice, hopeful for an horizon to become clear.

*this is non-spiritual / religious project.

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